Waterwise Landscaping

Converting from MYOB to Xero saved Waterwise Landscaping 50% of data-entry time


Waterwise Landscaping

Waterwise Landscaping is formed around the concept of creating the ideal outdoor space to enhance your lifestyle and elevate your enjoyment of the outdoor space. They construct a purposefully designed exterior environment for their clients’ homes, adding value to their property. Waterwise Landscaping’s owner Mirek Carter engaged Carbon to assist with their bookkeeping and accounting needs.


  • Waterwise Landscaping were previously on MYOB, but found it cumbersome to use
  • They wanted to improve knowledge of bookkeeping and data entry to bring the task in-house


  • Carbon Bookkeeping converted Waterwise Landscaping from MYOB to Xero
  • Carbon Bookkeeping trained staff in Xero, allowing them to do the majority of data entry
  • Xero has saved approximately 70% of bookkeeping costs and around 50% time reduction in data entry
  • Waterwise Landscaping switched to Carbon Accounting and will be using their services this year

Carbon's Services

Carbon Group have been an awesome investment to our business. Their staff are super friendly and extremely helpful and their knowledge in cost savings first class. Carbon Group has helped reduced our bookkeeping and accounting costs by 50%."
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