Umbrella Family Law

Startup business Umbrella Family Law engaged Carbon Group to assist in implementing Xero

Umbrella Family Law assist their clients with all of their post-separation issues, from the personal to the legal. Offering a fresh approach to family law, they take a holistic approach, taking the time to consider all situations their clients may encounter when experiencing separation, minimising the need for a bitter courtroom battle.

Umbrella Family Law engaged Allison to assist with their startup business, knowing the importance of having the right systems and processes in place right from the start.


As a startup business, the team at Umbrella Family Law wanted to ensure their focus was on helping their clients, not juggling financials and attempting to translate numbers and complicated reporting into meaningful data to grow their business.


Allison setup Umbrella Family Law with online accounting software, Xero. This provided the team with a streamlined accounting system to enable them to efficiently and easily send invoices, collect payments and track the financial health of the business, in one simple system. Integrating this with their online banking makes running their business a breeze.

The team have found that using Xero combined with Allison’s services have made starting their business very easy!

Carbon's services:

Allison has been timely, efficient, friendly, helpful and never made us feel like any question was too dumb. She has been there for us when we have needed her, and we know she will continue to be there. Working with Carbon enables us to focus on supporting our clients with their own lives. We highly recommend their services to anyone who wants a painless start in business.
Jane Libbis, Umbrella Family Law


Umbrella Family Law

Umbrella Family Law help their clients start a new life

A Melbourne based family law firm. There for you when you need them.

Umbrella Family Law's approach

  • Providing guidance so you can have direct discussion with your partner
  • Supporting you while you work with a mediator
  • Negotiating with your spouse/partner or their lawyer by letter or around the table
  • Collaborative practice
  • Preparing and running a matter in court
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