The Gelo Company

The Gelo Company continues to spread smiles across WA with help from
Carbon's accounting and bookkeeping services

About Gelo

Gelo are a production company who ‘bring the funny’ through entertainment bookings, workshops, shows and community projects across WA. That’s Gelo.
Their name comes from the word “gelos” which means laughter.


  • Previous accountant was not responsive to queries and went MIA after not submitting BAS on time
  • Previous accountant could not give proper advice to manage company's growth
  • Growing concerns about the efficiency of their former accountant
  • Want to be sure that they don't get on the wrong side of the ATO


  • Carbon Accounting takes care of company tax returns, along with director’s individual tax returns
  • Carbon Bookkeeping advises on payroll for Gelo staff to ensure tax and superannuation is properly managed
  • Carbon Bookkeeping provides bookkeeping support with their entries
  • Carbon Bookkeeping lodges BAS for Gelo
  • Carbon Business Systems set up Capsule as Gelo’s database

Carbon Services

The Gelo Company's entertainment:

We love Carbon, they help us stay on track and grow our company with confidence.
Plus they give us beer at meetings, what’s not to like?
Bonnie Davies, Director

Gelo offers a host of entertainment options

Bogan Bingo

The Gelo Company's professional bogans are available for hire for their bogan bingo event! Carbon Group host an annual bogan bingo night with the guys from Gelo. Check out our events page for details of our next one, and view photos from our 2017 event on our Facebook page.


Craptastic Trivia

The questions are made up, and so are the answers. Not even Google can help you now!

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Famous Sharron

Famous Sharron is very famous for nothing at all. A classic modern celebrity, hilarious host and reving entertainer.

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Pirates Ninjas Wizards

Pirates Ninjas Wizards is a workshop that teaches people to be creative and improvise solutions together. Carbon have done this workshop and we absolutely loved it! Watch our video below.

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Watch Carbon in action as we participate in the Pirates Ninjas Wizards workshop

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