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Learn how House of Honey adopted cloud-based accounting software to change the way they run their business for the better

The House of Honey proudly specializes in pure, unpasteurised and unadulterated varietal honeys. Located in the picturesque Swan Valley region, just a short drive from Perth, they practice harvesting honey only when their bees have allowed the honey to fully ripen and mature into an exceptional taste. Their retail shop offers a large range of honey items, and their on-site café, The Sticky Spoon Café serves a delicious range of natural food and beverages. Their guarantee to their customers is that they will provide a premium top quality West Australian honey. Using traditional and sustainable farming methods, House of Honey produce an intensely flavoured honey that has a high nutritional value which is proven through laboratory testing. They actively educate consumers on bees through various mediums such as Honey Festivals, brand boards and student educational activities.

House of Honey initially used Carbon just for accounting services, and were referred to Carbon Business Systems to help implement better processing systems. They needed to modernise the way they carried out administration tasks such as reporting and cashing up at the end of each day. They were looking for a modern system that was efficient and effective, and allowed the owners to access information from one central location, accessible from anywhere.


  • Traditional cash registers used, making end of day reporting difficult
  • Excel spreadsheets used for stock management which was slow
  • Double handing of data between programs
  • Reporting wasn’t always accurate
  • Previous systems were antiquated and too slow


  • Carbon Accounting converted House of Honey from Excel spreadsheets to Xero
  • Carbon Business Systems conducted a comprehensive analysis of their needs, and integrated cloud-based point of sale (POS) software, Vend
  • Carbon have provided an integrated service that allows House of Honey’s owners to access data from one piece of cloud software, accessible from any location
  • House of Honey business owners feel much more in touch with their business progress, and enjoy the reduced time required on admin tasks

Carbon's services

Carbon has provided a central location for all our business needs. Carbon have assisted us to become more in touch with our business' progress as it has grown and developed. They have provided advice in a proactive fashion when we are time poor and are always quick to reply to any enquiries. We feel like they have become an extension to our business assisting us in all areas of our business’ needs enabling us to become efficient and professional.
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