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Bringing accounting, bookkeeping, finance and insurance services over to Carbon Group saved DFSM Consulting 35% admin time

DFSM Consulting are professional service providers in Microsoft Dynamics ERP in implementations, maintenance, upgrade, licenses and resource provision Australia wide. DFSM’s core vision is to deliver best-in-class and competitive consulting engagements and project management. DFSM were currently on Xero, but were looking for a provider who offered multiple business services under one roof. Previously having these services managed by multiple parties, DFSM’s director, Samran Habib, was not confident with the professionalism, thoroughness and diligence they provided. He came across Carbon Group when searching for a company who specialised in online accounting software, Xero.


  • Lack of confidence with having multiple parties looking after their business service needs
  • Increasing costs from previous bookkeeper
  • High level of admin work required, due to having multiple business service providers
  • Lack of knowledge of Xero’s feature, so weren’t using the program to its full potential


  • Signed up to accounting and bookkeeping services from Carbon, reducing costs by 20%
  • Administration time reduced by 35% by having integrated services
  • Seamless interaction and consistent advice from Carbon’s team of accountants and bookkeepers since they discuss advice internally
  • Thorough knowledge of Xero, by engaging Carbon Bookkeeping as Xero trainers

Carbon's services

We wanted to make sure that we utilize Xero to its fullest potential for our business and also we wanted to have all of our accounting, finance, taxation, bookkeeping, insurances and payroll services to be handled in an integrated manner. We found Carbon to be the best choice in all of the above. Team Carbon, we love your work! Keep it up.
Samran Habib
Director Consulting

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