Mayfair Lane

Integrating cloud-based accounting software to achieve better business efficiency

Located in West Perth, Mayfair Lane is a prestigious tavern serving a selection of traditional British food and drinks. With several eating areas, Mayfair Lane offers both a pub-style food as well as fancier menu for evening dining. After contacting several bookkeeping companies in Perth, Mayfair Lane’s business owners were impressed with the service offering from Carbon and engaged them to assist with their bookkeeping needs.


  • Mayfair Lane had a spate of unreliable bookkeepers that they’d employed directly
  • This caused an impact on expenses
  • Their previous systems didn’t allow for cloud access
  • Lots of paperwork meant things were getting missed, and a messy office


  • Carbon Bookkeeping converted Mayfair Lane over from MYOB to Xero
  • Carbon Bookkeeping signed them up to their diamond package
  • Xero has enabled business owners to work from remote locations, and share responsibilities
  • Removed the cost and management involved with hiring an internal bookkeeper
  • Increased efficiency when it comes to processing bills and invoices

Carbon's Services

Carbon have enabled our company to process our paperwork efficiently and accurately. This has allowed us to get on with the business of providing people with a venue where they can enjoy best food and drink that we can supply.
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