Mobile Job Management

Paperless mobile job management

You’ll be surprised at what you can achieve from your car and remote locations. Mobile technology keeps you in touch with your business and staff, no matter where you are. Our team is well equipped to introduce your business to the benefits of mobile job management technologies.

We’re huge fans of technology and putting it to work for SMEs. One of the biggest advantages of the technologies we have available to us is mobile access to data, tasks and communication with staff and clients. Mobile job management is all about leveraging mobile technologies to make day-to-day business tasks possible from the road. For the business owners we work with, that means reducing stress by decreasing the time they are disconnected from their business operations. And that of course means increased productivity. The typical first response of business owners is to be amazed at what can be done. After amazement, the wheels start turning and they quickly see the opportunities mobile job management can give to their business.

Have a think about the ability to do the things remotely and applying them to your business:

  • Scheduling & dispatching
  • Quotes, invoices and purchase orders
  • Xero integration to reduce double handling
  • Time sheets and time tracking
  • Manage business efficiency
  • Manage jobs, schedules, inventory
  • Monitor field workers in real time via GPS tracking
  • Job alerts for fieldworkers via email/sms and notifications to mobile apps

Mobile applications are available for Apple and Android devices.

Whatever your business needs, we’ll be able to introduce you to some technology and applications that give you access to mobile job management tools that can change the way you operate, increase efficiencies and decrease stress levels.

  • Calxa
  • Deputy
  • Ezi Debit
  • Kounta
  • T Sheets
  • Vend
  • Wink
  • ServiceM8
  • eWAY
  • Definitiv