Unleashed is an easy to use online inventory solution that makes scaling your business a breeze. 

For manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors that need efficient processes, Unleashed is an easy-to-use online inventory solution at the heart of your business. Understand essential inventory health to make the right decision to scale your business with confidence. Use the inventory management system that is trusted by 1,000s of manuacturers and distributors in over 80 global locations.

  • Flexible order management - Manage back orders, split shipments and split invoicing
  • Take your business global - Multi-currency feature gives you complete oversight when managing your global supply chain
  • Let demand drive supply - Centralise your stock requirements and simplify your purchasing decisions
  • Don’t waste time; integrate - Share data between your business applications to create a seamless flow of information that adds efficiency
  • Understand your true margins  - Following your average cost makes your picking and pricing simple



  • Generate purchase orders

    Create purchase orders based on minimum reorder levels to ensure you do not exceed safety stock levels. Unleashed is well suited for just-in-time (JIT) demand-driven stock reordering where purchases are created ad hoc and can be triggered from a sales order to ensure order fulfilment.

    Add purchase costs

    Include freight costs, customs and any other costs incurred from getting stock from your supplier to your business. Additionally, you can enter costs in different currencies.

    Manage supplier returns

    Whether you need to deal with just the product item that needs to be returned, or multiple items associated with a credit from a supplier, Unleashed allows you to handle returns with ease.

    Receipt part purchases

    Receipting in part purchases allows you to track the delivery and receipt of part shipments from your suppliers.

    Supplier management

    Keep track of supplier contact details such as addresses and phone numbers, along with suppliers’ delivery history. When a supplier changes their product prices, you can easily update the product details in Unleashed as you purchase – or in bulk.

  • Perpetual inventory control

    Unleashed uses the average landed cost method to calculate the cost of your products in real-time, resulting in a more accurate cost of goods sold account. Costs are calculated from purchases and manufacturing, reflecting all the expenses of your inventory, providing you with an accurate view on product margins and profit.

    Stock enquiry

    Query the availability as well as the full transaction history of any product. Gain real-time access to stock levels, stock costs, batch (lot) tracking information, stock expiry date (if applicable), as well as serial number tracking information.

    Multi warehouse management

    Keep track of stock across multiple warehouses, in multiple global locations. You will know exactly what stock you have and where it is located. Stock can be segregated for reporting purposes. Warehouse transfers allow you to move your inventory between both physical locations as well as logical (non-physical) locations.

    Product catalogue management

    Manage your entire product catalogue in Unleashed including product attributes such as dimensions, weight, product bar code numbers and product images. Minimum and maximum levels can also be set along with adding products to custom groupings.

    Serial and batch tracking

    Components can be assigned a serial number which is then linked to the final product. Similarly, batch numbers can be assigned to any products that have been purchased or manufactured together. A full usage history of serial and batch numbers can be retrieved, from purchase right through to a sale.

    Anytime stock takes

    Manage your entire stock take process in Unleashed, whether you are auditing a particular product group on a perpetual basis, or a particular supplier’s products. With Unleashed you can keep your business running whilst you complete a stock count in your own time, and then upload the data when you are ready

  • Bills of material management

    Unleashed is your centralised location to manage your recipes and Bills of Materials (BOM). Keep track of all your assembled products, as well as the quantity of components required for production. Using the assemblies function you can build products quickly and easily.

    Manufacturing process management

    Create an assembly with Unleashed and build products from component products. Unleashed ensures that the quantities of components are taken out of stock and that the cost of all the used components in the assembly are included in the finished product.

    Production planning

    When you create your manufacturing assemblies in Unleashed, and allocate stock to each assembly, demand is created for that stock. This ensures that you can plan ahead and purchase the necessary stock for each assembly. Unleashed creates this visibility through its reorder report to help you work out how much of a certain component you may need for the assemblies you have created.

    Third party assembly costs

    Unleashed gives you the ability to add third party costs to assemblies; third party costs are any additional costs apart from the cost of the component themselves. For example, you may have incurred costs from a third party logistics provider, or a supplier that processes a given component on your behalf into a finished product. With Unleashed you are able to add these additional costs to the manufacturing assembly process, resulting in an accurate assembled product cost.

    Kitset products

    Manage auto-assembled products with Unleashed by setting up a Bill of Material for each kitset. This gives you the ability to build kitted products on the fly in accordance with the Bill of Material specification. Unleashed saves you time by automatically assembling the kitset from its component parts.


    With Unleashed’s disassembly feature you are able to reverse the assembly process, as well as being able to break down products automatically from purchase. In effect this functions like a reverse kitset process, allowing you to disassemble a product into multiple components. This feature is perfect if you are buying stock in bulk and need to break this down into smaller components.

  • Margin visibility

    Unleashed’s production and purchasing modules ensure that all the required information is captured for accurate cost reporting. The sales module then uses these costs to give you full visibility and accurate reporting on the actual margin for each product, across every sale.

    Order management

    Review and process orders and invoice customers. You can create split shipments, email invoices to your customers and search by order number. Multiple invoices and shipments can be created per sales order.

    Sales backordering

    Create purchases from sales orders, ship products that are in stock, back order the rest from your suppliers and then (optionally) invoice for what you’ve just shipped. Once the backordered stock comes in you can then ship the remainder of the order.

    Customer returns

    Unleashed offers several flexible return options including the most common scenario of crediting the customer and mandating that stock is returned back to the company. A number of different return scenarios can be handled by using Unleashed’s stock adjustment functionality.

    Pick and pack

    When you are ready to ship an order, simply print off the required warehouse documentation such as a picking list, packing list, an invoice or a ship note. With Unleashed you can print off any documentation you might require for your business’ entire pick and pack process including shipping.

    Customer management

    Unleashed will keep track of customer contact details such as addresses and phone numbers, along with customers’ order history. An Unleashed account can also be set up with up to 10 price levels and discounts, by using tiered pricing.

"Before Unleashed, we had an ERP system and it was a nightmare. We decided to bring Unleashed into the business because it was a simple system and it was comprehensive."
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