Tax Planning & Strategy

As we have talked about already, tax is the most significant burden on your business each year. If this is the case, then why not spend a bit of time each year coming up with strategies to help minimise tax and the impact it has on your business.

You are likely to hear buzz words in the market about what other people are doing, but do you know really what they are or even if they apply to you? Things like:

  • Negative gearing
  • Superannuation
  • Bucket companies
  • Tax effective investments
  • Economic stimulants

The above points (and more) are all common buzz words for different strategies that can apply to businesses from time to time and can save 10s of thousands of dollars each year for your business. However, executing one of the above strategies at the wrong time can actually cost your business thousands of dollars in lost future benefits, so understanding what your strategy is and why you are executing it is just as important.

We combine a real understanding of your business with financial analysis to establish accurate projections. From this foundation we build dependable tax strategies that allow Perth businesses to gain maximum benefits by paying minimal tax.

Most Perth business owners have had a call from their accountant warning of a bigger tax bill than they were expecting. If that's happened to you, then you need to put a strategy in place to make sure that was the last time.

At Carbon, we believe in being well prepared for those large bills if they cant be avoided or taking the right steps to do something about them.

How This Works:

  • First, we look at how the business has gone from July through to around March
  • From here, we estimate, using your budgets or our own calculations what is expected for the remaining months until June
  • That will give us estimated profit for the year and an estimated tax liability should you do nothing
  • From there, we can use scenarios to highlight what different tax strategies will mean for you both this year and in future years
  • This gives you the resources to execute the best strategy for you to move forward with
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