What is a Cloud Integrator?

What is a Cloud Integrator?

More and more businesses owners are adopting cloud-based technologies to improve processes and efficiencies within their business.

More and more businesses owners are adopting cloud-based technologies to improve processes and efficiencies within their business. The costs of these applications are falling, and more and more are becoming available, providing a rich market which is reducing the costs for business to implement these. Plus as they are almost all based on a Subscription-as-a-Service (SaaS) model, there is no large upfront investment cost which traditionally made these awesome applications unavailable for small businesses. Now the small to mid-size businesses can have software that competes with the enterprise scale businesses.

Cloud-Based applications include:

Whilst these apps are awesome, what if someone in your team doesn’t have the technical know-how, or you just don’t have time to invest in ensuring these apps are setup in the best possible way to compliment and improve your business? Enter the role of the cloud integrator.

The Role of a Cloud Integrator

Cloud integrators are people normally within accounting or bookkeeping firms, or an entire standalone business (such as Carbon Business Systems) whose entire role is dedicated to learning a chosen number of application to implement into businesses on their behalf. They have the technical know-how, time, and expertise with their selected apps to ensure a smooth transition, and most importantly; a fast return on your investment. They have done the hard work of trawling through the vast number of applications, and selecting the best of the best that truly benefits the end user, and has the largest feature set.

Choosing a Cloud Integrator in Perth

How do you go about finding an appropriate app, or cloud integrator? Search Google for cloud integrators and you will easily find local businesses who have spent time learning these apps, and developing appropriate websites to ensure these skills are highlighted. However, don’t be limited by location. With cloud apps, these businesses will be able to help you from anywhere within the country. One thing to be wary of, is a business that says they can implement any app, as all of these apps take time to master, and you don’t want to pick someone who might not be 100% confident on the particular app you wish to bring into the business.

The other alternative is identify the shortcoming of your business, then search for an app that fulfills this need. Most apps such as Kounta, Vend, or Deputy have partners who are specifically qualified to implement the software for businesses. These should be your go to people for help and assistance.

Carbon Business Systems’ team of cloud integrators offer a personalised service to all businesses. Starting with a consultation to find out about the business and its current processes, they then go on to analyse, recommend, implement and then train business owners and their staff in the right cloud applications for their needs. Interested in finding out more? Contact the team for a complimentary discussion.


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