What cloud apps does my business need?

What cloud apps does my business need?

Cloud technology is fast becoming an essential part of running businesses. Applications are available to assist with stock management, rostering, and point of sale.

Cloud technology is fast becoming an essential part of running businesses. Applications are available to assist with stock management, rostering, and point of sale. Every business needs applications, but nowadays almost everything revolves around the accounting package, and for small to medium size business, nothing beats Xero. This should be the starting point for your business whether you are starting a new one, buying into an existing business, or expanding your business. From here, you have access to a wealth of the Xero’s marketplace. We have taken the time to handpick what we feel are the best available option based on the industry you operate in.

Office365 For Your Business

With your accounting package chosen, branding and online presence is a key factor to consider, including your email solution. With Office365 you can have your very own branded email (think @carbongroup.com.au). This gives your business a much more professional image when emailing clients or suppliers, much better than a @hotmail, or @outlook etc. address. It’s an easy, affordable option to get a jump on your competitors in this day and age where reputation is critical. One of the best benefits of picking Office365 over the other options offered by web providers, and hosted email providers, is that you can get access to all or part of the Office suite. This mean you get latest version of Microsoft Word, Excel, Publisher, Outlook etc. Capture Marketing Group have a great package for start-up businesses that includes a professional email address relevant to your business.

Cloud Applications To Enhance Your Business

The above-mentioned options, Xero and Office 365 are universal, but now comes the tricky part – picking a solution that is industry focused to really benefit and drive your business forward. There are a wealth of options available, but it’s important to understand exactly what you want to get out of the application. When researching a solution, it’s important to determine how flexible the application is. No two businesses operate in exactly the same way. Some cafes do table service, while some have people pay at the register before sitting. Some have complicated menus with option such as “How would you like your steak cooked” or “skim, soy or full cream milk in your coffee?”. It’s important that the system can accommodate your requirements, as you don’t want to adjust the way your business operates to suit the application, but rather adjust the application to fit within your business.

After much testing, and now many business setups of the software, we have managed to narrow down our chosen applications to industry specific options:

  • Cloud point of sale system (hospitality) – Kounta
  • Cloud point of sale system (retail) – Vend
  • Online job management – Ascora

There’s also other solutions that compliment these, whether it’s reporting or rostering and timesheet solutions. Way too many to try and mention here, so book in a complimentary meeting and review of your current business model and applications, and we can see if we can assist in any way! Contact our cloud integrators on 08 6444 6645 to find the perfect suite of cloud applications for your business.


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