Video Marketing – Why should your business use video?

Video Marketing – Why should your business use video?

Video marketing is simply integrating videos into current marketing campaigns. With the shift to digital marketing, videos have become the most influential and engaging content available online.

Video marketing is simply integrating videos into current marketing campaigns. With the shift to digital marketing, videos have become the most influential and engaging content available online. From company profiles to instructional or informative videos like ServiceM8’s overview – data from KPCB says that by this year, video content will take up 74% of all online traffic. More data from Wyzowl found that 76% of businesses that implement this were provided a good ROI.

This means that more and more customers are keen on viewing something that speaks to them on a personal level with engaging material. So why should you use videos?

Videos are Great For Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

The most popular site for videos is YouTube, and since Google owns YouTube, Google loves your site if you have YouTube videos embedded on it. A well-produced video with relevant content for your site will keep the viewer engaged, and therefore increase the time they spend on your site. The longer visitors spend on your site, the higher search engines rank it since it implies your site contains the information that visitors are looking for. Ensure you fully optimize your YouTube video when you upload it, including an interesting title, keyword rich tags, and links back to your website, driving traffic to where conversions can be made.

Videos Provide Valuable, Engaging Content

There’s a well known saying that a picture is worth a thousand words. If that’s the case, how many words is a video worth? Using video allows you to tell a story, that often can’t be achieved with still images or text. At Carbon, we feel we’re quite unique in the way we are one group with industry experts leading teams in multiple business services. Our integrated approach provides benefits to our clients, and we refer to this as the Carbon journey. We’re great at explaining this story in person, but found it difficult to get it down on paper. Hence, we got Carbon’s founding partners Jamie Davison and Nathan Hood in front of the camera to tell the world. Check out Carbon’s company profile video here. We think we told our story pretty well! It shows Carbon’s culture and helps build trust.

Stand Out From Your Competitors

Having an engaging video can give you an advantage over competitors. This is particularly true for small to medium sized businesses who feel they don’t have the funds or resources to adopt a video strategy. Sure, some professional video agencies can charge upwards of tens of thousands, but videos can still be attainable for small businesses with a tight budget. Options include engaging a freelancer, or even doing it in-house using a video platform such as Animoto. There are plenty of agencies who offer reasonable pricing catered to your project. Having a video that shows your brand personality or presents your products or services provides you with engaging content that your competitors may not have. You can even make campaign-specific videos that target a specific audience. We worked with Properth Productions to create a client video outlining our relationship with Grill’d Shafto Lane, to be used to target other hospitality businesses.

Top Ways To Use Your Videos

So, you’ve had a professional video produced, now what? Make sure your audience see the finished product by uploading and sharing in as many ways as possible:

  • Company website
  • Social media platforms – Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google +
  • Email marketing campaigns
  • YouTube
  • Email signatures
  • Partner sites
  • Plus much more!

2017 has been dubbed as the “Year of Video” and only rightfully so. With videos popularity set to increase, now is the perfect time to jump in and join the fun. Carbon have used local video agency Properth Productions for our most recent videos, and we love the results! Check out our company profile video here.


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