Top 3 tools for electricians

Top 3 tools for electricians

The other day we held a seminar on Systems for Tradies. Now this is my jam. Like Bill Gates said, “If I had a hard job, I’ll ask a lazy person, as they’ll find an easy way to do it”.

The other day we held a seminar on Systems for Tradies. Now this is my jam. Like Bill Gates said, “If I had a hard job, I’ll ask a lazy person, as they’ll find an easy way to do it”. I love an easy way to do things, automation is key. I used to work for a business that insisted on pen and paper coupled with a program they’d hire a programmer to develop.

We’re talking about someone who refused to use Google Maps to track people on the road, or at least work out destinations for timing concerns. He insisted though that Google “doesn’t know the traffic”. Now I tried to explain that Google uses its GPS capabilities to track mobile devices and thus has a far better idea of the traffic flow in Kalamunda than we ever could, but it fell on deaf ears.

My excitement for embracing new systems is purely based on the fact that we know what electricians need to make them more efficient. Ever wondered what more time feels like? Let’s talk about how we can help your business achieve Systems Success.

Introducing ServiceM8

ServiceM8 (Service Mate) is a cloud-based application that allows you to easily manage a service business with mobile jobs.

ServiceM8 is designed with simplicity in mind. Your system can be accessed from literally anywhere and in real time.

Mobile Jobs can be performed more efficiently, making you more productive as it allows you to manage your business whilst out in the field. iOS applications are available for iPad and iPhone users and are linked to a web interface allowing managers to assign jobs to employees from the comfort of their own office or if you like working out in the field, simply assign jobs on the go.

Mapping and Navigational features allows you to know exactly where your jobs are over a map built-in within ServiceM8. Linked your mobile devices to ServiceM8 and track your employees on the map. See where they are to stay on top of your Jobs.

Introducing GeoOP

GeoOp is a cloud-based mobile job management application that allows for easy management of a service style business with mobile employees. GeoOp has been designed to be simple to use for Scheduler / Dispatch people and mobile workers at the same time.

GeoOp has a built-in Dispatch Board which allows you to see all your staff on a map and helps to make smart dispatch decisions. Easily drag & drop jobs to timeslots. Customizable job queues can be used if jobs are awaiting parts or for easier project management.

Create professional Quotations and Invoices within GeoOp and add third party applications such as iAuditor to create forms and procedural reports.


Take payment then and there with a simple app and gadget.
No cash? no problem. Nver again can someone use that as an excuse for delaying payment. Costs a little more to get started but if you’re looking for that convenience, it’s the best way to go.

Online payments

Direct link to payment through an email. Using Xero as your base makes it even easier. You can see if someone has read your invoice so if they try to claim they didn’t receive it, you can point out the date the opened it and watch how quickly they pay. Chasing up payment used to be one of the hardest parts, now you just have to focus on the job.

Long story short, any time you’ve thought “There’s got to be an easier way to do this”, there is, and we know them inside out.

Feel free to investigate and set these systems up for yourself but where you would advise people not to do their own electrical work, we advise you seek a little assistance when setting up these systems. We’re very good at it. Check us out at


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