The new face of Marketing – The Designer Dyad

The new face of Marketing – The Designer Dyad

Hitting the Carbon office this month- Our new marketing team!

Hitting the Carbon office this month- Our new marketing team!

Welcoming The Designer Dyad, our newest and coolest designers that are taking a new approach on Carbon’s marketing. They love to say “You dream it. We design it” and that is exactly what they do!

A creative, digital branding agency that started between two hard-working, dedicated women, saw The Designer Dyad form into the thriving business it is today. Sharmini Fraser and Regan Frugtniet have a combined experience of 12 years in the digital space and a shared obsession for branding and design. With a team of people behind them, they have opened their doors to new opportunities and we are so pleased that they have taken Carbon on as their newest client.

Regan was previously working for a digital marketing business over the past 5 years, heading their branding department, whilst also running her own branding business on the side.

Sharmini has been running her own digital design business for the past 7 years, whilst also creating a Night-Life app before joining forces with Regan to create The Designer Dyad.

From branding and social media, to website design and digital marketing, The Designer Dyad covers all of our marketing needs. With their expertise, they will be able to successfully support each division under the Carbon Group with marketing and more, and we cannot wait to see how their work builds on the values we promote here at Carbon.

We look forward to working with them closer.

View their website here


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