All in for the kids - Carbon's BIG poker night!

All in for the kids - Carbon's BIG poker night!

Proving that there can be more than one winner of the game, Carbon donate the proceeds of their charity poker event to Telethon Speech & Hearing.

It’s not always the case that everyone wins at poker but founding partners of Carbon Group, Jamie Davison and Nathan Hood are proving there can be more than one winner of the game as they presented a donation to Telethon Speech & Hearing on Thursday 5th April with proceeds raised through their charity poker night.
An annual tradition, Carbon has been running its poker night for over three years and donated proceeds to a charitable organisation each year.
This year Carbon has chosen Telethon Speech & Hearing, a Western Australian based charity and independent school helping children with hearing speech and language impairments. With over 80 people attending the event, a grand total of $5,189 was raised from the night.
Davison and Hood say they are happy to support charitable organisations like Telethon Speech & Hearing.

“It is a great feeling for us to give back to the community,” Davison said.

 “We are really pleased that the money is going to a great cause.”
Mark Fitzpatrick, CEO of Telethon Speech & Hearing said the organisation is thankful to companies like Carbon for their donations and that funds will go a long way to helping families.
“We have over 200 children and families enrolled in our programs each year, and support even more families across rural WA so these funds will be very beneficial,” Fitzpatrick said.
“We see an increasing number of children with multiple issues or disabilities on top of their hearing, speech and language difficulties so every dollar counts. We are grateful to Carbon Group as it means we can help everyone who needs our services.”
“It is our mission to empower every family and child in WA to live fulfilling lives, and this donation will help us reach our goal.”

About Telethon Speech & Hearing

Telethon Speech & Hearing is a Western Australian not-for-profit charity, registered NDIS provider and independent school assisting children and adults with hearing, speech and language impairments. Originating in 1966, Telethon Speech & Hearing is a world class provider for auditory-verbal and speech-language related therapies, programs and services.

Telethon Speech & Hearing is the only place in WA that provides education, therapy and audiology services all in one location. Learn more at:



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