Carbon Partner Empowerment (CPE)

Carbon Group is expanding and you can join us!

We're looking for the next generation of accountants, bookkeepers and financial planners ready to advance their career prospects and build a new business. Launching under our Carbon Partner Empowerment (CPE) model means your new busienss can leverage off Carbon Group's award-winning reputation, awesome brand and tech-savvy practices.

What Carbon Group does for you

Carbon Group is an established brand and we have earned our identity as industry leaders. You will be joining a company that has best practice, proven systems which allow your business to grow expotentially, and we assist in implementing this system. Carbon's fun, new-age culture injects freshness and motivation into your practice.

Additional income/referral sources

Carbon group has nine divisional service offerings, all led by industyry experts. Any referrals you make to these divisions will be remunerated based on a percentage of the income generated.

Administration assistance

We understand how complicated managing part-time administrative staff can be. Being part of Carbon Group gives you access to these resources without excessive expenditure in time, money and training.


When it comes to branding and marketing, we've got you covered. Our expert team of innovative professionals work hard to ensure Carbon Group remains an industry leader in the marketplace. From SEO and SEM to content generation, social media and media buy-in, the Carbon Group brand is constantly evolving to attract more clients and build opportunities for our partners.

Alignment with an award-winning brand

Since inception in 2014, Carbon Group has been a transformative leader in the industry and has received multiple awards recognising our innovative approach to business. This facilitaties unique marketing and media opportunities that all partners benefit from.


By aligning yourself as a partner within Carbon Group, you become part of our team. Your ability to leverage the opportunities of a partnership with Carbon Group are extensive; brainstorm ideas with other partners, invite our industry experts to your meetings and attend internal training sessions. Soaking in the expertise and experience of our savvy Carbonites will assist on your professional development journey.

Contractor/HR services

Under the Carbon Group service model, you will have access to Carbon Group trained contractors who you can utilise as your own overflow workers. They live and breathe Carbon, just as they would if they were directly employed by us.


Carbon Group is all about continued professional development. If you have ever considered finding a dedicated mentor, we can help. Whether it's building confidence in strategy or help formulating sales techniques for winning new clients, it's all possible.

Shared office space

Our head office is at your disposal. Occupying a desk in our dynamic work environment, utilising our premium boardroom facilities, inviting clients to our exclusive networking opportunities will all help you maintain a high-level client experience.

Read to get started? Contact us today to discuss your partnership options.
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