About Us

Sometime we need to experience the worst to understand what it takes to be the best

In the engine room of Carbon Group you’ll find a CPA who loves bookkeeping with technology and a tax accountant who thrives on improving business performance. In 2013, Jamie Davison and Nathan Hood were introduced at a networking breakfast. They had some professional com-mon ground and started talking. Nathan’s accounting practice was looking for a bookkeeper who wanted to be busy. Jamie was leading the country introducing businesses to the joys and freedoms of the Xero platform.

Both energetic and ambitious, neither wanted to work for the other. But working together on something completely new excited them both. That seed was planted from which first grew the idea, and then the reality of the Carbon Group.

Jamie and Nathan were already driven and successful businessmen in their own right. Both were looking for the opportunity that would allow them to take things to a higher level. They both love the freedom and lack of boundaries that building their own companies give them and at Carbon you certainly get the impression that just about anything is possible

Sit in the boardroom with Jamie and Nathan and the jokes and laughter flow freely. So do the new ideas, the energy and the drive to deliver something exceptional. This is a partnership founded on a shared vision, built upon matched energy levels and thriving thanks to a relaxed and natural chemistry between two focused professionals.

Both men are balancing the demands of Carbon with marriage and young families, a well-proven formula for keeping feet on the ground and heads connected with the real world.
Words like ‘fun’, ‘energy’, 'excitement’ and ‘technology’ are not often heard in the accounting and financial services sector. At Carbon they are shouted from their top floor offices and are spreading across Perth as the group improve the financial performance of more and more business. The energy, fun and steadfast professional focus that leads Carbon from the top penetrates to every person and division in this exciting company. This means that positivity, professionalism and uncompromised service delivery are found at every level.

Carbon stand for something different in the accounting and finance sector. They understand their points of difference clearly and will happily talk you through them anytime, and how they will help your business.

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